Welcome to GUANGDONG QIELING NEW MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD, as a company for manufacturing, distribution and marketing of food packaging paper and related products with almost 25 years. Our branch office of Yiwu Natural Paper Products Co.,Ltd, Within a limited time span has become one of the leading concerns in this field, principally due to its reputation for supplying quality products with a sensible, competitive price structure delivered with outstanding service.

  “Natural paper” provides both the domestic and overseas markets with best quality disposable food packaging paper and related products in a wide variety of white and colored Aluminum laminated food grade paper, white greaseproof paper,  color greaseproof paper, glassine paper, parchment paper, cupcake paper, straw making paper, food grade craft paper , siliconized baking paper , wax paper, sandwich wrapping paper, baking tray paper, MG kraft paper, and C1S food grade paper board, etc. the majority of which are produced within its own manufacturing units. In addition, “Natural paper” represents many other major world wide manufacturing companies.

   Our customer base extends from the largest Government Departments, airlines, International hotel chains and high street retail outlets through to Wholesalers, Super markets, Catering companies including single restaurants and coffee shops. Its products are packed hygienically in a variety of modern and attractive ways, all of which are designed by its own in-house team of designers.

Our gold is making quality products, supply excellent service, and provide competitive prices.

Let us learn together to see how does cake cup made by our paper.